History of wood use

Wooden products have been accompanying a person in everyday life for many centuries. There is perhaps no more versatile material than wood. What has not been made of wood, from the time of primitive society to the present day. In ancient times, wood was processed using simple stones or the pieces of wood themselves. Subsequently, it was treated with metal or abrasive materials, at first primitive, then more advanced. Almost everything was made of wood: houses, dishes, interior items, boats, household utensils and even shoes. Man has always depended on the forest.

History and ancient beliefs.

From the very beginning of human civilization, the tree has played a special role. Many peoples considered it an object oFHS5753f worship, the tree was deified. After all, this is a building material, and a roof over your head, and heat, and furniture, and much more …

Ancient people believed that the forest has a powerful force, it is a living organism, the son of Mother Nature. He, too, can experience joy and pain. That is why it was believed that the forest can be cut down only in late autumn and winter, when he sleeps and does not feel the pain so much.
They asked nature for permission to cut down trees. There was a whole ritual: they brought treats to the forest, approached the plant, bowed low, and only then started cutting down. Not every tree could be cut down. Too young – these are still children, they were inviolable. Old trees kept the souls of their ancestors, so they were treated with respect and honor. Of course, they were not cut down either.