How to properly care for wooden furniture?

Currently, wooden furniture is considered elite. It pleasantly surprises with safety, beauty, durability, and also does not require special care. But you still need to know how to clean wooden furniture in order to maintain its presentable appearance and original characteristics for a long time.

Optimal conditions for wood furniture

One of the important answers to the question of how to properly care for wooden furniture is to create optimal conditions. The material is very sensitive to environmental influences. The following factors may contribute to longevity or shorten service life: air humidity – should be in the range of 45-70% (higher leads to swelling of objects, and low – to drying out);
air temperature – in the range of 10-25 degrees above zero.
A deviation from the specified parameters by 5-7% and no more is acceptable. If you omit these recommendations, you will need to rescue pieces of furniture in order to avoid their deformation and other damage.

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Daily care of wood products

How to care for natural wood furniture every day? The basis is the timely removal of dust. It is necessary to carry out cleaning at least 1 time in 3-5 days. Emergency cleaning must be carried out as soon as possible. Wood is a porous material, so dirt eats into it and it will be much more difficult to remove them later.

If you are interested in how to clean wood furniture, you can pay attention to the following tips:

unpolished products. Use an ordinary napkin, which has previously been soaked in water and carefully wrung out. If there are traces of dirt, a soap solution should be prepared (from laundry soap and water). They treat the desired surfaces, and then wipe dry with a cloth.
polished items. Caring for solid wood furniture should only be done with a dry cloth (for example, microfiber), as the material does not tolerate moisture. In exceptional cases, you can use vinegar with water, diluted in a ratio of 1:6.